“I suffered a serious injury to my right arm as a result of a slip and fall accident which occurred on 1/28/05. Mr. Bandeen filed a lawsuit on my behalf against the cleaning company whose negligence caused my accident. Mr. Bandeen worked very hard on my case for over two years until the defendant and its liability carrier were finally forced to settle my case for $275,000. Mr. Bandeen was able to successfully counter every fact and every argument advanced by the defendant. I received numerous phone calls and letters from Mr. Bandeen regarding the status of my case throughout the course of the litigation. I was extremely pleased with Mr. Bandeen’s hard work on my case and with the settlement that was eventually reached. Mr. Bandeen also achieved a satisfactory settlement of the workers’ compensation lien against the proceeds of my personal injury case, and he also settled my workers’ compensation claim based on the same slip and fall accident.”

– L. B., Holland

“I sustained a serious injury to my thoracic spine resulting in paraplegia in the course of employment on 9/28/01, while setting up a mobile home on a site. In January 2004, my workers’ compensation benefits were disputed by the insurance carrier for my employer. Mr. Bandeen filed an application for hearing on my behalf and the workers’ compensation carrier promptly reversed its decision to dispute my entitlement to these benefits. A few months later, Mr. Bandeen negotiated a redemption settlement of my workers’ compensation claim for the sum of $400,000. Most of the money was put into two annuities, providing monthly payments for wage replacement and medical expenses for the rest of my life. Mr. Bandeen did a great job on my case.”

– Julio C., Grand Rapids

“I was involved in a semi-tractor trailer collision in southern Indiana several years ago. I suffered a neck and head injury. Randy Allaben was referred to me by a friend of mine. He did a terrific job, obtaining a $1,000,000 (one million dollar) settlement against the company that caused the accident. He also recovered $115,000 (one hundred fifteen thousand dollars) on a workers’ compensation claim as I was injured during the course of my employment. I was very happy with the results he obtained for me. He kept me fully informed on the progress of my case, worked very hard, and I would recommend him to anyone. He is an excellent lawyer.”

– Jerome B., Grand Rapids


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